“WOW! How did you know that when I wasn’t even thinking about it consciously?”
“I had the amazing opportunity to receive a healing session from Joel Adifon, It is hard to put into words the love and peace that exude from Joel as he is calling in spirit to heal. He had revelations and direction about the most amazing powerful life issues I have been dealing with and had no idea just how profoundly connected he was to everything I was going through. At so many moments I wanted to say, WOW! How did you know that when I wasn't even thinking about it consciously when I walked into the room? But I resolved to stay in receiving and trust as Joel did his magic.
He steps effortlessly into the ethereal realm and speaks to your soul, and my soul gladly invited his beautiful, sweet, and unconditionally loving spirit. I asked him to help me with lifelong issues. He removed things from my etheric and physical body that have been there for years, and delivered guidance with love, grace, and poise.
I felt fantastic that afternoon, like years and lifetimes of weight had been lifted from my being. I was like a superhero in Pilates that afternoon! The weights Joel lifted could actually be felt profoundly in my physical body! We went down new roads together and this healing session shifted me in countless ways that I can feel everyday.
I highly recommend Joel and feel graced to have him in my life. His power and presence hold lifetimes of wisdom, joy and love. I can't wait for my next session!!”

~ Carol Baccile | Charlotte, NC
    Intuitive Healer & Teacher