Joel's Story


I grew up in awe.

I was born into a West African family where miracles and two-way dialogue with the Divine are the norm.

My whole life, I've been surrounded by entities and energies, spirits and beings. 

I spent years wrestling with this reality, caught between the world of Spirit and wanting to be a "normal" kid.

At 15, Divine Intervention upended my life. In a vivid visionary encounter, the Lord of Miracles called my Soul. After being embraced by the Presence of Love, I offered myself to God, deeply desiring to share the Grace I received.

~ Fast-forward over a decade of Awakenings and Initiations ~



Today, I use my spiritual gifts to help Human Beings receive Miracles and enjoy Being Divine.

I watch people heal their bodies and transform their lives in extraordinary ways, melting away the prognoses and limitations they once held.

I’ve come to know this:

In the Eyes of the Divine, We Matter.
Far more than we could ever fathom. 

At our very Core, we are held.