“This issue took 15 years of my life” (Since working with you, I've had NO IBS issues of ANY kind)”
"Joel, before I came to you, I suffered chronic constipation with my IBS. I would bloat up like I was pregnant. The only solution, after intense invasive testing, was Miralax. Daily.
This issue took 15 years of my life. If I ate a muffin or cereal or pasta, it was like glue in my digestive system. NO MORE! Since working with you, I've had NO IBS issues of ANY kind.
I even ate food (2 muffins and pasta yesterday) that would normally cause a flare up and it didn't. I was able to go to the bathroom with no issues today. TWICE. I usually avoid gluten like the plague. That's honestly miraculous.Since our session, I feel so free. I can't describe it. I've opened the door. My website is almost ready to roll. I've started speaking 100% openly at all times. I feel strong and safe. I'm experiencing lightness. My step is lighter but more secure.
This session has reignited belief that Source can and will speak directly through a vessel. I mean, I was already blown away, but when you asked me "who is Eric?" and told me about the situations with the cyst and my mother, my face must have been twisted. So on point.
I even called my ex husband (who I'm friends with) and told him about you and all the things you said. His mind was totally blown.
I shared my experience with my friend Kelly Lynn and she had a profound healing just from hearing about mine.
Then, my girl Kristine messaged me today and told me the same thing. She said feels healed and she doesn't know where it came from."

~ Martha Hornby | Watkins Glenn, NY
    Authenticity Coach & Tour Guide to the Heart