What I’ve learned from working with Joel is that ANYTHING is possible. This thing that doctors told me is not possible, actually IS.
— Tricia Osterberger | Asheville, NC

Miraculous healing was literally happening at that moment
— Leslie Highfield Carter | Florida

Has gifts that continue to impress and astound
— Ryan Kryzkowski | Syracuse, NY

My Orthopedic doctor was in awe, never seen anything like it in his 20+ year practice
— Shelby Williams | Raleigh, NC

My number one go-to for healing work
— Ellen Whiteside | Gold Hill, NC

My tooth is no longer loose!
— Gianna Spriggs | Charlotte, NC

I want to talk about miracles (Morning came, THE EYE WAS CLEAR!!!)
— Sarah Horridge | Fort Pierce, FL

He is an open conduit
— Helen Renee Brawer | Asheville, NC

This issue took 15 years of my life” (Since working with you, I’ve had NO IBS issues of ANY kind)
— Martha Hornby | Watkins Glenn, NY

After all tests… nuthin. No blockages, no symptoms
— Tamrah Barber | Cary, NC

Joel’s gifts go far beyond his physical healing. Compassion and understanding are the first two that come to mind
— Sal DiTomasso | Farmington, CT
Symptom-Free from Digestive Issues, Pain-free, and Overwhelming Personal Affirmation
— Megan J Halvey | Jupiter, Florida

There was no way he could have known
— Donna Weinberger Needham | North Carolina

It felt like Joel’s fingers were inside my knee cap
— Jimbo Jones | North Carolina

Swelling decreased by about 80% and my mobility improved about 80% as well
— Deb Hollm | NY

My tooth that was chipped just grew back
— Maria Alaina | Syracuse, NY

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You have faith that breaks the door down (Two negative lyme tests!)
— Angel Marie Russell | Boston, MA

Don’t go to Joel unless you want to shift what’s happening and have results
— Elissa Kathleen Smith | Cary, NC

WOW! How did you know that when I wasn’t even thinking about it consciously?
— Carol Baccile | Charlotte, NC

Everything around me felt like magic (The # of flashbacks I experience has diminished)
— Kelly Lynn Cook | Horseheads, NY

After you prayed for me, I lost ten pounds” (and accelerated baby delivery)
— Vanessa Anne Dover | Spartanburg, SC

What you’re doing is working (Six cavities disappear)
— Jessica Phyfe Mangum Charlotte, NC