“Miraculous healing was literally happening at that moment”

“Joel is amazing! I had a session with him and I’m here to say that I HIGHLY recommend it! Joel’s sessions are multi faceted. When it came to receiving messages about my past, I was BLOWN away! He was spot on every time. He said things that there was NO WAY he could have known – None! When it came messages from Spirit, I had actual physical reactions that ranged from sparks of joy, excitement and wonder, to tears of release and relief as my body and mind accepted things that my higher self has always known and my egoic self has smothered for years. Like everything else about this session. the physical aspect was equally ‘unreal’. I felt pain disappear almost instantly, I felt a hardened spot in my abdomen literally shrink in seconds! I also felt something I can’t actually describe, and all I can say is I believe miraculous healing was literally happening at that moment. I also saw visions that I also can only attribute to healing. That is what I believe. I am so grateful for Joel!” ~ Leslie Highfield Carter | Delray Beach, Florida