“My Orthopedic doctor was in awe, never seen anything like it in his 20+ year practice”

“WOW!!!  Joel is a gift to this world.  His ability to heal is like nothing I've ever seen or experienced. Simply AMAZING!!  My injury left me unable to walk on or bend my knee and in 30 minutes, Joel was able to reduce the swelling and pain in my knee by 50%..over the phone!!! Not only that, I regained mobility and by the morning,  I was off my crutches.  My Orthopedic doctor was in awe of the improvement and admitted that he has never seen anything like it in his 20+ year practice.  I can't explain his gift, but Joel's intention and energy is clear.. Love, honor, respect and heal.  His intuitive healing session was powerful, effective and a true blessing.  Whether near or far, I would recommend Joel for any and every ailment.  I am so grateful.”

~ Shelby Williams | Raleigh, NC
    Dynamic Touch, LLC
    Massage and Bodywork Therapist