“Everything around me felt like magic (The # of flashbacks I experience has diminished)”
“Hi Joel! I wanted to tell you about something that happened recently when I when Martha Hornby was sharing her experience with me.
Martha and I met for lunch and she was telling me about the work you did with her over the phone. After I left her, it felt like something major had shifted in me. It's hard to explain but I'll do my best.

Everything around me felt like magic and I felt lighter. Some back story: I have suffered from PTSD from a very hectic and sometimes horrifying childhood. After speaking with Martha, one of my typical flashbacks appeared but from somewhere inside of me, a voice said "I am safe now. I create my own reality" and a calm fell over me (instead of the usual feelings of all-encompassing despair). This has been my experience for every flashback that I have had since. The # of flashbacks I experience has diminished and I have been able to easily deal with the ones I have had.
I have gone to years of therapy and done a lot of self-work and made baby steps with those tools. Talking with Martha about her experience with you caused an incredibly quick shift.
For that I want to say thank you for helping my dear friend Martha and for somehow helping me through her. Words cannot express my gratitude 💜” ~ Kelly Lynn Cook | Horseheads, NY