Divine Intervention 

As we begin, I take a minute to ask you want the Divine to help you with.

After this is done, I will often ask you, what form(s) of the Divine (holy being or aspect of Deity from your spiritual tradition), we are going to for the healing. Your personal connection to the Divine calls in the Graces needed for your specific set of circumstances.

As the work progresses, you may hear me pray aloud or share messages from the Divine. You may hear me sing a song, chant a mantra, or bring in frequencies with an Om. Other times I may be silent, allowing Spirit to work beyond words. As Divine Grace reorganizes every layer of your being, you may experience certain sensations in your body. Allow them to pass through you.

At the end of our time together, I leave room for you to share your experience.

After the Divine Intervention ends, I send you a follow-up email with your protocol for the next 2-3 days up into a week, what to expect, how to make space for yourself during the post-intervention period, etc.

Divine Intervention (Group) 

Group Circles

The circle opens with a short discourse, followed by a time of prayer and meditation. During this time, the group connects Heaven and Earth, giving the Divine permission to move in the room. Once Sacred Space has been established, Joel will make his way around the room, working with each attendee individually. Sometimes Joel may be guided to ask some attendees to assist him with the laying of hands. The structure of the individual work depends on the collective energy of the group and how Grace is working. No two group circles are exactly the same.

Other Events

Joel is available as a speaker for keynotes, retreats, panels, and other functions. Due to his commitment to empower as many people as possible to move Beyond Human Effort and into Grace, he asks that some time be set aside for him to facilitate a group Divine Intervention.




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