“Has gifts that continue to impress and astound”

“The first time I spoke with Joel, I was really struggling with where I was at. I was Catholic and “discerning” whether to join a religious order. There were a lot of desires I had and things I was contemplating (which I hadn’t shared with anyone) that he ” knew” without me saying anything. He gave me advice and encouragement that lifted a lot of weight off my shoulders and opened up an intense feeling of joy and freedom I hadn’t felt in a really long time. There was one specific incident where I connected one of my good friends with Joel (whom he had previously described to me in detail without ever having met her) and he “prayed” for her. He told us things that only the two of us knew and even revealed certain truths about her that I knew firsthand to be true. I listened as he described her personality exactly and encouraged her in ways that only a close friend could. Joel has been a mentor, brother, and friend to me and I’ve never even met him in person. He has gifts that continue to impress and astound me in ways I would have never thought possible. If you’re going through tough times, are not sure where to go in life, or just need some encouragement, Joel is the guy you want to talk with. Who he is and the gifts he has are able to reach into the depths of what you need, presenting it in a way that is down to earth and awe-inspiring. This dude is legit.” ~ Ryan Kryzkowski  | Syracuse, NY