“I want to talk about miracles (Morning came, THE EYE WAS CLEAR!!!)”
I want to talk about miracles. I want to put out all the facts and let you all decide if what happened was truly a miracle or if it was a fluke.

Selby, age 2, is our middle child and since she was born, she had a clogged tear duct in her right eye. It caused her eye to tear, have discharge and just overall affect the quality of her life. It caused her to get sick and stay sick more often. It caused frequent earaches and headaches. We wanted to wait until she was two to have the surgery to open the duct because they would have to use anesthesia. We got the diagnosis and booked the surgery.

Three days before the surgery, we got a call from the insurance company that they would only cover $200 of the $15,000 bill. If we wanted to pay a cash price, it would be $7,000 due before the surgery. We panicked. We hadn't forseen the insurance not paying a huge chunk and we were very upset that we wouldn't be able to fix this for our child. Ian and I decided to look at some holistic options. Ian heard a voice that said "grab that child's face you know what to do", so he did he used focused intent to try and open the blockages. Then the next day we sent her off to school. I reached out to a spiritual healer who I had known through facebook to discuss if there was anything he could do for Selby.

Enter in Joel Adifon.
I had a 10 minute phone consultation with Joel which ended up being very emotional for me. I decided to meditate on the next course of action and whether I wanted to go through with the healing or not. We picked Selby up from school that day and I noticed her eye was better. I asked if anyone had cleaned her eye. No one had. I decided to go ahead with a healing from Joel that night, but throughout the day, Selby's eye stayed clear. I thought "hmm that's weird." Joel had said he had people healed without him ever actually doing the healing. I was starting to wonder, but was still very skeptical. I knew the morning would tell if there was any real change because that was when it was always it's crustiest.

Morning came, the EYE WAS CLEAR! Since that child arrived on this earth, she had never woken up with a gunk free eye. Now I was paying attention! I messaged Joel. He said that he had seen healings occur before he had ever done a healing and this had happened with other clients before. We decided to wait a week and see if it was truly gone. After said date passed we came to the mutual conclusion that she was healed. A combination of Ian's focused intent, my love as a mother and Joel's channel of healing. What healed her? We, as little humans, may never know the mechanics of it, the who, what, when, where, why. All we know, is that it is done. Selby's eye is clear. We didn't have to spend $7,000 dollars. She didn't have to be put under anesthesia with all its risks. What really healed her? If I had to guess? Love.” ~ Sarah Horridge | Fort Pierce, FL