"After you prayed for me, I lost ten pounds" (and accelerated baby delivery)
"Hey, Joel! I thought Your weight loss prayer that you prayed over me (by phone) at the beginning of my pregnancy worked!! When I found out I was pregnant, I was concerned about my weight. With baby fat, I was around 16 pounds overweight, which is great if you're having twins, but not so great otherwise. I reached out because I wanted our babies to be healthy. After you prayed for me, I lost ten pounds, and that put me at a perfect birth giving weight! My weight was right on target and all I gained was just all baby!!! I had a lot of my friends find out they were pregnant at the same time and we all ate basically same things. All of them gained a lot of weight but I didn't!!

Soon after, I reached out to you about praying that I wouldn't go past my due date (which was that upcoming Wednesday and my midwife said that I could go two weeks over) and told you "I would have liked to have this baby yesterday!" The next morning, I had our sweet girl!" ~ Vanessa Anne Dover | Spartanburg, SC